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Paper Towel Dispenser Types

  Now that you have decided which mounting options and materials will meet your paper towel dispensing needs, it is time to determine the type of paper towel dispenser you will need. This take a look at some of the various ways that today's dispensers distribute paper towels.

Touch-Free Paper Towel Dispensers - Touch-Free paper towel dispensers are also referred to as "automatic" dispensers. These types of paper towel dispensers function in one of two different manners. The inception of automatic paper towel dispensers has helped to dramatically reduce the amount of germs and bacteria that is spread in modern restrooms and establishments.

The first type of touch-free paper towel dispenser is sensor activated. This means that the unit contains an infrared sensing unit that allows it to determine when to distribute the paper towels. The sensor is activated once a user has placed her hand in front of the sensing zone, that begins distributing process.

The second type of touch free-paper towel dispenser requires that the user only touch the paper towel that is hanging from the unit. Once the user has pulled the set amount of paper towel from the unit will automatically cut the towel and distribute a few inches of paper towel for the next user. Starting the process all over again.

Folded Paper Towel Dispensers - Folded paper towel dispensers are designed to distribute pre-folded paper towels that are placed in bulk inside of the paper towel dispenser. The advantage of this type of dispenser is that the user receives the same predetermined size every time they visit the dispenser. Depending on your type of establishment this type of dispenser could save you money.

Lever Operated Paper Towel Dispensers - This type of dispenser is activated by the user simply pulling on a lever. The dispenser then distributes an even, predetermined amount of paper towel. This type of dispensing unit was simply known as the standard for many years before the inception of automatic units. Although, the user has to actually touch the unit, there are advantages to this type of paper towel dispenser.

The first advantage is that it requires no power supply to operate. So this means that it can be mounted virtually anywhere. The second advantage is that lever operated dispensers can be very economical and cost much less than automatic types of dispensers because there is no circuit board are wiring inside of the unit.

Towel Dispenser and Waste Receptacle, Combination Units - Depending on the environment that you are needing to install your paper towel dispenser, you may opt to go for a combination unit. A combination unit which is also called a combo unit contains both a paper towel dispenser and a waste receptacle.

This type of unit is a great option in areas where space can be a concern, simply because he can meet two needs all a relatively small area. They are almost always constructed from very sturdy stainless steel and are designed for high-traffic vandal prone areas. There are many varieties of combination units available on the market today that distribute a variety of paper towels and feature different sizes of waste capacities.





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