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Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers

  Commercial paper towel dispensers are affordable convenient solutions to areas such as washrooms of all government and public facilities and office buildings.

Commercial paper towel dispensers are used to hold and advance paper towels.  Paper towels come in different styles and designs.  They are designed to hold different styles of folded paper towel.  In some designs, the commercial paper towel dispenser can hold different styles of paper towels.

They can be either wall-mounted or placed on table and counter tops.  Wall mount paper towel dispensers are most commonly used in restrooms and  kitchens.  There are four types of wall mounted commercial paper towel dispensers:

  Automatic paper towel dispensers
Auto Cut paper towel dispensers
Center pull paper towel dispensers
Folded paper towel dispensers

 Automatic wall mounted paper towel dispensers advance a towel when the hand sensor is activated as you place your hand under it. With their easy dispensing features, these products are useful to maintain hygienic practices in your homes, offices and public places. Paper towel dispensers are now available in stylish designs, color combinations, sizes and shapes to match different settings.

As there are many brands and models of paper towels and paper towel dispensers to choose from, it is always advisable to conduct an online search to compare prices and to find the products best suited for your purpose.


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